Community involvement

How to get people involved in their community in a fun and entertaining way

1. create a geocaching contest throughout the parks and points of interest in Fairview using QR codes.   Find a way to utilize Fairview website to people can track their find and progress.  provide prizes and points with a leader boards.

2. create a variation for Fairview businesses.  scan a track progress.  award points and prizes.   Perhaps have the business give out discounts or trinkets

3. Fairview sign selfie contest.   Points and prizes…  rotating slideshow on the Fairview website

Emergency Preparedness

Couple of things:

- City of Fairview needs a new Public works building that is earth quake proof.  In doing so,  The city should create a city emergency disaster facility.  Storage of Backup communication,  Stores of Food and supplies.   Maybe we already have one and its a closely guarded secret.  

- As the Volunteer grows.  They are plenty of examples of communities that have Community Emergency Response teams.   – City of Ashland CERT program

I have always had a bug about keeping an emergency Kit.  Unfortunately, not everyone does.  City should be prepared 


Community Projects

Friends of Fairview Future Projects list: 
- Fairview Woods Maintenance
- Building raised flower beds and a garden area at 1603 NE 207th PL
- Salish ponds cleanup
- Project Green Feed.
- Bountiful Baskets (
- Reach (home improvement)  (
- Lot Clearing, House Painting,  restorations  (
- Community Park activities ie: (Flicks in the Park)