Monarch Butterfly habitat restoration project

The article that started it all

Allen Berry attended the Portland Nursery “Milkweed and Monarch’s” class. It’s been determined that Showy Milkweed is best suited for our target areas.

Salish ponds has up to 4 possible planting sites
Salish Pond Park

Community Effort options:
1. Create a SOLV style event and seed plant site 1 using community volunteers

2. Reach out to area schools ( Fairview elementary, Salish Ponds elementary, Woodland Elementary, Etc..) explore educational opportunities. Using a EMSWCD grant. Friends of Fairview can provide Seeds, Soil and planting flats to participating classrooms than plant the milkweed the following year in the target areas.

3. Reach out to EMSWCD and Xerces groups for educational material

4. Create a Monarch Butterfly educational theme at this years Fairview on the Green festival. Butterfly (Chalk the Walk), Butterfly craft booths. Provide Butterfly garden seed packs.


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